Thursday, January 21, 2010

Passive Power

Passive Power

There were no great white flashes
Of lightning, no
Sudden, momentous, important


Was easily washed-over
Happy, blue-purple
Dull as a river rock

When I lived with you.

Some people have roundness, smoothness
Their gift
To do no thing pointed
In their hearts, in their heads

Slow white puffs of soft smoke

It could always be worse
Death by day-to-day drama
In whirling insistent violence
Rather than calmly, bit by bit.

Vigilance breaks heads. It severs nerves.

Sleep now
As a thing sneaks in upon you
Slides the blade in, slick, bloodying
You will have saved the lives, like a superhero

Of every prior day

By being


by Coke Brown Jr. -
as posted on Coke's Croaks -

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Fixer

The Fixer

You’re asking God to give to you, or
Buddha be his name,
Gaia hers; they’re all the same -

“May I have what I want,” you say,
Instead of the small wondering,
What you might ought to have.

You could definitely win
A material game
Or one of feeling right, O Ethical You.

You might manipulate the tiny surrounding space,
Quietly vibrate the life around you,
Take humility lessons yourself and then,

Someday smart,
Learn ’em, durn ’em,
The folks you know.

You could take up your time here
At alchemy, at
Any change, positive growth,

Manifest things
You think
We need.

You’re asking permission
To know the morality
Of having your way with


Do yourself a favor, please.
Don’t chant yet. Don’t pray. Don’t draw down stuff,
Helpful objects or even goodwill.

Don’t look for meaning,
An answer,
Or for ease.

First, find that
Hole of a place

Where a tiny new seed
Of an idea
Might grow.

Raise the thought honestly,
Fully commit to it, live it completely,
As evil as it will seem,

That you









Dig out your gaping, earthy, black, hollow space
And, in an instant,
A trillion ready, promising, eager, hungry choices will congregate,

A darkening mass will flock and fly like bats
To your head
And your writhing stomach.

You’ll be, in your constant, ultimate weakness,
A mute autistic,
Prone upon bare ground, laid-out, rocking,

Clutching your body for dear life,
That empty, invisible, fleshy container
That holds "you."

You either will end up eternally shaking,
A junkie to something, to any small item that might taste slightly sweet,
Decaying and soon dead, or

You will

You’ll prove
Something simple to
Whoever looks to you:

You can


The deepest


You will know
Truth -

What is fair
And real
And right,

And feel



For now,
My so easily
Frustrated friend,


Are too


by Coke Brown Jr. -
as posted on Coke's Croaks -