Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fit to Move Toward Enlightenment

Fit to Move Toward Enlightenment
(for Christopher)

Your work goes in there.
Your worry is your work,
Your analysis is, but
Some things have no meaning -

The solid but spinning planet,
The oxygen and the water
And your flesh
Are just a fact, a gift granted.

There’s God and your connection,
Your spirit and your hope
And figuring, your heavy sighs,
Seemingly all that can be done,

But then, there are your fingers and feet
And the walls around you
And the floor
That could use scrubbing by hand.

While you wait for salvation,
For the ultimate answer to
Your particular problems,
Your unhappiness,

Balance your brain with
Something less thoughtful,
More a stupid, true trademark,
“Just Do It.”

When you become unable to move,
Far too soon,
In any way you want, to jump somewhere
Without consideration,

When the lotus position
In your mind’s eye
Has become impossible
For your legs to emulate,

When you couldn’t save her
From a genuine speeding locomotive,
Mother tied to the tracks,
Because your fingers are too thick for the knots -

That’s when the years
Of slow, happy, wondering walking,
Then of slow, degenerative angst
Will take you their victim.

No matter how quickly you’ve trained the words to come,
No matter how you care -

We all know that you care
More than most -

In ten years, when the Almighty reveals Himself,
When abundant clarity does come down
That there was, indeed, something
You could have done,

The eternal answer
Will involve endorphins
That you might have released
By learning heavy lifting

(Bend your knees)
Or a jaunty, safe sprint
(Take plenty of time to work up to it -
And wear your reflective tape).

It involves the physical world,
Our home, our encasings
As much as it does
Your mind, your beautiful spirit.

I’m frightened that
On that day of reckoning
You’ll find yourself
Having refused every answer you sought,

Having lost




by Coke Brown Jr. -
as posted on Coke's Croaks -

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