Friday, June 11, 2010

Avoidable Inevitabilities

Avoidable Inevitabilities

It’s not just that she’s Asian -
Her eyes try to reach forward
Through the thin glass in the
Mod rectangular frames
That her mother just bought her -
She must have practically begged
For them, repeatedly explained
That she could not read the numbers
On the small, bleached paper credit card slips
Printed by the twenty-dollar

Machine behind this counter

In this horrible thirty-room motel
Four stories without air conditioning
But it’s Denver, so I guess a man
Isn’t supposed to need it, I should open
The window like the curly gray-bearded

Angry, weathered alcoholic next door

And the young woman apologies profusely
Genuinely hurt by my dissatisfaction
Her squinting eyes are not cast down
But looking right at me, almost confused
Frowning a small, mortified frown
Insisting sincerely that it isn’t her fault that
There’s a bar with a loud live band
Right under my room every night
And that I can’t sleep
I know I won’t get back

The two-hundred dollars for this week

In that scratched tile
Open-air lobby
I realize
That she doesn’t have to strain
To be pretty

Although she can’t see herself

When she takes her
Hair down and
Her glasses off
And frowns
At night

Her accent is not very thick
She should be in college
But she’d
Have a difficult time

Her mother

by Coke Brown Jr. -
as posted on Coke's Croaks -


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